2013 we are in You!!!!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy new year!!! Not too many hangovers were to be had out there I hope… 😉 Me? I had to work… boourns…

Masquerade this weekend!!! Any devious plots up yours sleeves players? 😉

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Happy Christmas! Merry New Year! And All That Jazz!!!

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Blood Donors, Unite!

Just a reminder that anyone is interested and able should meet at the store Monday for 5:15 where we will all be shuttled to the CBS where we will give away our life’s blood!

If you haven’t registered yet, do it!!! It’s all there and super fast!

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Character Creation

Not much to report since I missed our first creation night due to illness (but I got cookies baked and even downloaded some seasonal tunes for the boy! That counts for something, right? Right?!)

Anyway, I was productive and all the new venue information that our new ST’s have posted to the list for their venues is now available here. Saves you from having to dig through those email threads!

It’s not terribly pretty, and if I missed something, please tell me sooner rather than later!

And, just in case you missed it, IT’S DECEMBER!!! Where is the time going???

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Requiem for Requiem?

First, thank you so much to Chris W who put so much time and effort into the venue! I didn’t play, but I heard nothing but awesome things about the game!

With that being said, the schedule has been updated to reflect the removal of Requiem from the schedule. First up being the Domain Meeting on November 10th.

If you have something to add to the agenda, email our DC and let her know.

Happy Friday!

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International Member of the Year!!

Hey all,

I was going to do this last night but was not able to. This will go
out on the National and Global lists later today so please do not
forward this anywhere. I just thought this would be nice instead of
reading the name in a list.

Soooo… this weekend was a big Convention in the US called Atlanta by
Night, it took the place of Grand Masquerade this year (and ICC before
that). During the event they announce the US and International
Members of the Year much like we do at CAiNE for the Canadian Members
of the Year. The process works much the same way where people write
letters of support for a member for whatever category (member,
coordinator, st, etc…). Those letters go to the Trustees and we
vote on them based on the letters and our knowledge of the candidates.

This year I am very proud to announce our little domain has a member
who won International Member of the Year. Various members wrote
wonderful and strong letters of support for this member. They spoke
of generosity, kindness, and simply put the type of things that only
make this club better. While this member has not been part of the
club for a great length of time, they bring their best to every event.
They always help out, often without being asked. They give far more
than could ever be expected. Always with a smile and never seeking
any recognition. Often going out of their way to seemingly avoid it.
It was wonderful that even though this person avoids recognition our
members went out of their way to ensure this person got the
recognition they really deserve. I was very happy to boast about this
person to the other Trustees.

So with that I am honoured to tell you that the International Member
of Year for 2012 is David Glassford!

Congratulations Dave. It is well deserved!

~Chris D, CA9880-027

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New Chronicle Masquerade

Our esteemed Storyteller is calling for interest in backstory tie-ins for the city! Send him an emailk folks!! His contact info is here.

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It’s too early for this nonsense but….

The date for the Saint John Christmas Parade has been announced!

November 17th!

And I’ll even save you the trouble of checking the schedule– It’s Lost that weekend! So, c’mon out, check out the parade, then go get your geek on at Lost! Win-win!

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4th Annual Zombie Walk!!

Here is the Facebook Event for the Zombie Walk– as usual it’s $5 to enter and a non-perishable food item for the food bank! Starts at 6PM at King Square!

I guess Jungle Jim’s is offering free pop for zombies, 15% off your meal and Blood Beer (no idea on the cost) for 19+ zombies!

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IR Update

Just a quick thank you to everyone who pitched in!!! There were 19 CaMmies involved in the draw at IR who either worked shifts during the con or donated to it! Good indication as to how involved we were as a domain and I am grateful! 🙂

Dave G won the draw of a beautiful costume ring!

Dragon Ring


We raised over $900!! Go us!! Give yourselves a pat on the back!!! Great work!!!

I look forward to March!!! Everyone did an awesome job!

**There was an edit here… Math is hard for grrls… go me! I’m actually not sure of the exact number, but I heard there were dimes rolled at $2.50 instead of $5 (I didn’t roll em, just to be clear, but still…) and I think I added the additional from National… sigh… Silly me…
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