Food Drive

It just occured me that next Saturday is the LAST DAY of the Food Drive!!!!

Since we’re having a BBQ with everyone, and odds are you’re going to be at the grocery store buying food for that, BRING FOOD FOR THE FOOD DRIVE!!

Too heavy? No excuse… I live just a couple blocks from the grocery store. Bring a cart to my house- but be prepared to take it back cause I don’t have a cart corral in my yard 馃槢 Too expensive? Dollar store is just a few blocks further.

We could totally win guys!!! C’mon! $100 towards pizza!!! Who doesn’t love pizza??? Nevermind the whole helping the community aspect… This is about pizza… right? 馃槈


Food for thought:


Consider these figures from HungerCount 2012:

聽聽聽 93,000 people each month access a food bank for the first time

聽聽聽 38% of those turning to food banks are children and youth

聽聽聽 4% of adults helped are over age 65

聽聽聽 11% of people assisted are Aboriginal

聽聽聽 52% of households helped receive social assistance

聽聽聽 18% have income from current or recent employment

聽聽聽 14% receive disability-related income supports

聽聽聽 14% of food banks ran out of food during the survey period

聽聽聽 55% of food banks needed to cut back on the amount of food provided to each household

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Impossible Realities

Hey folks! Just a heads up in case you missed it!

We have our schedule for Impossible Realties聽(though I would encourage everyone to check out their full schedule!)

On Friday evening (September 13th) we are running Masquerade, on Saturday afternoon (September 14)聽Lost will be held and on Saturday evening, Masquerade.

Maybe the ST’s will be nice enough to post teasers for us? Guess we’ll see!!

Hope to see everyone come on to get their geek on!!!

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How time flies…

So, if anyone is wondering what I’ve been doing with my time, I changed up some of the Links to your left- I added the tumblr links for Masquerade and Apocalypse, removed the old chronicle addendum and added the 2011 reports that were sent out (Thanks Hil!!) I also removed the old chronicle information that had been listed up there along the top and now only new chronicle info is available.

And on a personal note, been working on my PC’s, just like everyone else!

Oh! Reminder that tonight is our historical game for Masquerade! Let John and his team know if you need anything, or are like me and haven’t actually gotten a character approved yet!

Have a great long weekend!!

Coming soon… summer schedule! (I hope)

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National Food Drive wtih Prizes!!

Hey everyone,
In order to give everyone time to settle into the new chronicle the next official national charity event will be July 1 – Aug 31, 2013.
We will be doing a 2 month food drive and National has agreed to supply a prize to the domain that gathers the most donations!
Donations will need to be by weighed & that information will need to be sent to me on an on-going basis (by whoever is running the activity) so I can keep everyone updated with the current numbers. Cash (or gift card) donations will count toward the competition as $5 = 1 lb. At the end of the food drive the domain that brought in the most weight with their donations will win up to $100 towards pizza for that domain to enjoy at their next meeting/game/social night! (one time payout)
Remember, the food does not all have to be donated by the members of your domain!! A lot can be gathered by placing a box (with permission) in various聽businesses聽with a sign saying where the food will be going!!
In regards to questions about other household goods, if a domain wants to run this as a local event at the same time, that would be great, but these items will not be counted towards the weight total for the competition or for national prestige. A box or two of books would just offset the results too much.

Together we can do amazing things!
CJ Birch
ANC Charities: Canada
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Early Renewal and You!

To qualify for Early Renewal you must have paid your fee for this year on or before April 15th
– Early Renewal prestige will be given out by the NFC鈥檚 report as soon as the money gets transferred to the National account and your DC provides me with a list of everyone who renewed (and which ones were early)
Renewals must be done on or before May 1st to renew for the next year (anyone who doesn鈥檛 renew before May 1st doesn鈥檛 count as a member and isn鈥檛 entitled to participate in the club until they鈥檝e renewed)
– The DCs must send their membership list to me and deposit all membership renewals for their domain on or before May 15th.
– If the DC hasn鈥檛 made the deposit before May 15th, other actions may be taken until such time as the deposit is made including temporary desanctioning of the domain. (that would mean you can鈥檛 hold games and your characters could not earn XP until such time as the fees are paid for your domain to National).

**me= the NFC

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Masquerade Historical Events

Just a reminder that any PC involvement is due by April 8th! This is your chance to affect history! How often that chance come along?? About once聽a chronicle sound about right?? 馃槈 Email John asap!!!!

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MtO: The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be

Just wanted to send a huge shout out to all our canteen volunteers!!! Thank you all sooo much!!!! I know it’s not easy聽giving up valuable gaming time to serve hot dogs, but it is greatly appreciated!

Not our most profitable event ever, but I have heard rumors of聽a 3 day event next March and I think it will be easier to stock for a weekend event rather than a one day event.

Now, on to the next chronicle!!!!

Hope everyone in TO is having a blast!!!!

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AGM Proxy Voting 2013

Deadline to get your proxy information in is Wednesday, March 13th!

E-mail & CC your proxy person
Subject (something like this): “Proxy vote for AGM 2013”
My name: <your first & last name>
My membership #: <your full membership number>
My proxy: <proxy person’s first & last name>
My proxy’s membership #: <proxy person’s full membership number, everyone’s proper membership number should be listed in the domain reports>
PLEASE make sure that you privately e-mail your proxy person, or talk to them in person, to discuss how you would like to vote on the AGM motions that were put forward across the General list (also available on the website here.
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Feb 8 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes for those who missed it (but THANKS to those who were able to make it). If I’ve forgotten something that was mentioned, please (someone who was at the meeting) reply to add it in?

Notes from the Meeting

Date: Friday, February 8th 2013
Location: Steve & Tara’s home
Time: 18:00
路 聽 聽 聽 聽 Hilary聽 (DC)
路 聽 聽 聽 聽 John
路 聽 聽 聽 聽 Matt C
路 聽 聽 聽 聽 Chris D
路 聽 聽 聽 聽 Dave G
路 聽 聽 聽 聽 Greg G
路 聽 聽 聽 聽 Steve
路 聽 聽 聽 聽 Barry
路 聽 聽 聽 聽 Jessica
路 聽 聽 聽 聽 Jessi
路 聽 聽 聽 聽 Chris W
路 聽 聽 聽 聽 Chris W


1) AGM 2013 (Toronto ON @ CAiNE)


1) Motion: to accept the revised By-laws
Put forward by the VNC: Indi
Seconded by


Motion: that the Corporation accept and be bound by the revised By-laws (as attached).
Reasoning: Folks, this is the revision of the By-laws that has been required by Corporations Canada, and brings us in line with the requirements of the new Not-for-profit Corporations Act. In short – it makes us legal.

There is a great deal of revision, and some new material. If we went over every revision item by item, this would become a very long AGM and ballot – hence the motion to accept the entire thing. Do read through all of it! Some of it may be able to be further revised through friendly amendments – please send suggestions for such to Indi at for consideration! Likewise, any questions should be forwarded to Indi as well, who now may be able to recite certain sections in her sleep.

2) Motion: to accept the Global Charter
Put forward by the VNC: Indi
Seconded by Derek B

Motion: be it resolved that C.a.M. accept the Global Agreement (as attached), and become a signatory Member Club of the Charter.

Reasoning/note: While the National Council does not need a vote of the membership in order to sign such an Agreement (for example, there has never been a membership vote on accepting past Affiliate Agreements with White Wolf), in light of the changes to the organization, Council felt that it would be prudent to seek the approval of the membership at large.

It should be noted that C.a.M. cannot make changes to the Agreement through the process of our AGM. However, concerns with particular clauses should be voiced to either the NC or VNC, who can then present suggestions for changes to the global “staff”.

3) Motion: for change in requirements of membership in the Constitution
Put forward by the VNC: Indi
Seconded by CJ (after suggested amendment by Indi 聽– amendment below)
Motion: To change the wording of section 2.1.2 from:


Membership in the club will be available to any person:

i) 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽who is 18 years of age or older,
ii) 聽 聽 聽 聽 who pays the appropriate fee directly to the Camarilla as required,
iii) 聽 聽 聽 聽who has not been permanently expelled from the Camarilla,
iv) 聽 聽 聽 聽who is not currently incarcerated,
v) 聽 聽 聽 聽 who requests to be a member.
vi) 聽 聽 聽 聽who currently is a resident of Canada or a citizen of Canada who is not residing in another Camarilla Affiliate Nation.

a. General voting membership shall be available only to those persons who:

i) 聽 聽 聽 聽 are 18 years of age or older,

ii) 聽聽 聽 聽 pay the appropriate fee directly to Canada At Midnight/Canada 脿 minuit as directed by the Board of Directors,
iii) 聽 聽 聽 have 聽not been permanently expelled from Canada At Midnight/Canada 脿 minuit 聽,
iv) 聽 聽 聽 are 聽not currently incarcerated,
v) 聽聽 聽 聽 request to be a member.
vi) 聽聽 聽 聽and is not residing in a geographic area where there is a current Member Club signed to the Global Agreement.


This new wording would a) be a closer match to the wording of the new By-laws (the exception being part vi, which is not included in the By-laws), and b) allow for C.A.M. to accept members from around the world where there are not current Member Clubs. The intention in allowing this would be to help the Club grow in places where it does not exist, by allowing the formation of Domains without the need for them to move immediately toward Incorporation (which can be a lengthy and costly process).

This sort of fostering is permitted under the new Global Agreement, and encouraged.

vi) 聽 聽 聽 聽and is not residing in a geographic area outside of Canada where there is a current Member Club signed to the Global Agreement.

4) Motion: to suspend fees for 2013 – – THIS IS TECHNICALLY NOT A MOTION – –
Put forward by Neil K
Seconded by Mark S/Fox/Sandra S

Motion: What I would like to do is remove Membership Fees (at least the National part) this year.

Reasoning: We are at a low in attendance and it would help for new players.

** There has been a major debate on this item over the General list **

How to Proxy:

1) Email the NRC (Heather @ or, AND copy the person who will be acting as your proxy with this information:
路 Subject line of the e-mail: 鈥淎GM Vote Proxy CAiNE 2013鈥
路 Your Name
路 Your Membership #
路 聽Your Proxy-voter鈥檚 Name
路 聽Your Proxy-voter鈥檚 Membership #

2) Technically your proxy voter does NOT have to vote as you desire, however I believe that most of those who are offering will vote as requested. Make sure you read and understand the Motions as best you can (I suggest reading the replies on the General list because that is where people discuss), and let your Proxy know how you would like to vote in person or a private email. Do NOT include the NRC or any other official in an email because they do not need to know how you want to vote and do not need the extra emails in their inbox.

This is a list of members-in-good-standing (who were at the meeting) who are attending CAiNE 2013 and have said they would carry votes:
路 聽 Hilary W
路 聽 John B
路 聽 Chris D
路 聽 Jessica M
路 聽 Greg G
路 聽 Chris W

2) Harbour Con-fusion (Aug 2, 3, 4) 鈥 Steve brought this up

– Steve was approached by someone who organizes Harbour Con-fusion about the CaM running a game
– We discussed a list of Pros/Cons
– Con 鈥 Chris W noted that the majority of the people attending this event previously have been between the ages of 12 and 16
– Con 鈥 unsure of the ability to prevent younger aged kiddos from watching our games (mature content, 18+)
– Con 鈥 Cost is high鈥 currently listed as $10 for HALF day, $20 for whole day, and $40 for the whole weekend鈥 wondering what else they are offering that we would be interested in, or wondering if the 鈥渉alf鈥 day would cover one of our games (if we decided to attend)
– Pro 鈥 we could set up a panel (we鈥檙e under the impression that this is free, though we would need people who could present materials and answer questions) or a recruitment table
– Steve will go back to them with our concerns & questions

3) March to Oblivion

– It鈥檚 coming and if you want to volunteer to help out at the cam-teen, please e-mail/tell Tara Volunteers are appreciated but don鈥檛 put your name down in a timeslot unless you鈥檙e certain you can make it, or can find someone to cover you if you aren鈥檛 able to make it. We depend on our volunteers and really appreciate all the help people give.

4) Early Renewal

– Only mentioning it now to give people enough of a head鈥檚 up that it鈥檚 on its way again. A few people have paid now 鈥榗ause they had the money on-hand. I have a receipt book so everything is being recorded. 聽Currently renewal is still set at $20 ($10 to National, and $10 to the Domain to fund charity donations, pop, OOC Events, etc)

5) OOC Events

Wanted to discuss what sort of OOC events we wanted to have this year

Suggestions were (at least so far):
路 聽 Campout
路 聽 BBQ/Balloon fight like this past year
路 聽 Board/card game night a week or so after CAiNE is over

6) Fundraising 2013

Usual Events:
路 聽 March – MtO (Tara running cam-teen)
路 聽 September 鈥 IR cam-teen

– The number we got from Rockwood Park was around $5k
– The number the CHC likes to have for their Client Support Fund is around $500 (but we can also purchase pots/pans, utensils, cleaning supplies, etc for the kitchen and other such items)

The members present at the meeting felt that:
– Chocolate bars went over well
– Cookie Dough went over well, but better during the Fall months
– Flea Markets went well, but it was suggested that people don鈥檛 price things so low ($0.50 for something you could get at least $2-3 for鈥 drop your prices later in the day or save stuff for the next Flea Market)
– Bake sales / Bake raffles 鈥 if we want to hit a broader 鈥榓udience鈥 we should look into licensing so that we can sell tickets at a table at the bottom of the Market or on the street to people not related to our members
– Loonie Board (variation on Twoonie Boards we had for CAiNE 2012)鈥 separate from sign-in money entirely

It was brought up that it will be a lot easier for us to raise money for these charities as it鈥檚 easier to 鈥榮ell鈥 the idea of raising money for the Rockwood Park Camping-Grounds Rejuvenation Project, or for the Community Health Centre Client Support Fund, than it was to 鈥榮ell鈥 the raising of money for our convention.

I also mentioned the clothing donations for the CHC clients (preferably business casual style) at the meeting. I need to contact the lady to find out where she would like us to drop them off or leave them (if we鈥檙e permitted to just leave them in a specified spot at the CHC).

**This was posted to the domain list by Hilary. I removed last names. **
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Apocalypse Creation

There was a great turnout last Saturday for the creating of Werewolf characters! And all without dots on a sheet… I’m so proud.

Anyway, hope everyone had a blast! Looking forward to the venue and the zaniness (I’ve been re-watching Buffy… sue me) that comes of this.

Remember to email Jared any questions/concerns/comments/evil ideas! Not that he needs help…

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