What is CAiNE?

CAiNE is the Canadian Annual National Event hosted in a Canadian city usually sometime in the month of March each year. It runs from Thursday to Sunday (I’m sure this fact isn’t set in stone, but I’m sure it’s made everyone’s attendance that much easier).

It’s been hosted annually since 2003. Interested cities are encouarged to submit a bid to the National Council. The winning city is typically announced for the following year during closing ceremonies, though we have been known to bend the rules from time to time.

During the convention we have our Annual General Meeting where changes to way we operate are voted on. During election years, we also vote on National Officers at this time.

Each year CAiNE supports two (2) charities chosen by the hosting city. One charity can be local to the hosting city, the other is supported nationally.

In 2012 Saint John hosted CAiNE– we supported the Canadian Cancer Society and Gentle Path Counselling Services.

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