Feb/March Report

February/March Report

Posted to the HoDT Mailing List March 14, 2010


Richard Chilton CA199703-058    


VST Lost Jan 40G

VST Lost Feb 40G


Chris Duffield CA199880-027  

VST Forsaken Jan 40G

VST Forsaken Feb 40G
Steve CA200207-007  

ADST  OWOD –  (Feb) 20G


Edwin CA199880-010        

Site Setup 5G

Pamela CA200904-0201      

ADC Media 10G
Greg MCA200012-249    

ADST Archives (Jan and Feb) 20 G

Blood Donation 15G

Site Set Up 5G

Patrick CA2009050202          

Haiti Donation 5N
Game recap Jan 5G

Game recap Feb 5G

Game Summary Submissions (Jan &Feb) 20G
Site Set Up 5G

Site Set Up 5G

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