And now for something completely different…

As of late some of us have been talking about trying something new and different for LARP.  I’m not talking about us leaving the C@M as I still very much enjoy it.  But I enjoy playing with you lot more than any specific setting.  I’ve been doing this a long time and thought something really different now and then might be fun.
I’ve been heavily looking at Dystopia Rising, a post apocalypse zombie boffer LARP which seems to have a quickly growing fan base and a lot of potential.  But I’d like to know where the interest of the group is.

So I cooked up this survey.  If you have any interest at all please fill it out.  Heck if you don’t have any fill out the first 2 questions so I know your are not interested.
Also, since this isn’t a Camarilla thing if you have non-cam friends that might be interested (but still over 18) feel free to forward the URL to them.

(forwarded from the mailing list from Chris D)

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