Impossible Realities CaMteen, The Long Weekend, and You!

Hey folks,

In case you missed it, the schedule has been posted to the list! Check it out and sign up! We need peeps to serve up the foodstuffs!!

Also, the proceeds will be split between the domain, the CHC (since it’s been nearly a year since we donated to them) and Jon R’s charities.

Chaos Chili is go! Oh yeah!

Happy Long Weekend all! And don’t forget! OOC BBQ tomorrow, Aug 31st! My place! Water balloon fight! Bring extra clothes and/or towels!

Also, bring your grilling stuff! Animal flesh, vegetable flesh- whatever trips your trigger. I won’t judge…(who am I kidding! I will totally judge! 😉 ) And we are going to boil some absurd amount of corn!!!!!

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