Food Drive

It just occured me that next Saturday is the LAST DAY of the Food Drive!!!!

Since we’re having a BBQ with everyone, and odds are you’re going to be at the grocery store buying food for that, BRING FOOD FOR THE FOOD DRIVE!!

Too heavy? No excuse… I live just a couple blocks from the grocery store. Bring a cart to my house- but be prepared to take it back cause I don’t have a cart corral in my yard 😛 Too expensive? Dollar store is just a few blocks further.

We could totally win guys!!! C’mon! $100 towards pizza!!! Who doesn’t love pizza??? Nevermind the whole helping the community aspect… This is about pizza… right? 😉


Food for thought:


Consider these figures from HungerCount 2012:

    93,000 people each month access a food bank for the first time

    38% of those turning to food banks are children and youth

    4% of adults helped are over age 65

    11% of people assisted are Aboriginal

    52% of households helped receive social assistance

    18% have income from current or recent employment

    14% receive disability-related income supports

    14% of food banks ran out of food during the survey period

    55% of food banks needed to cut back on the amount of food provided to each household

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