National Food Drive wtih Prizes!!

Hey everyone,
In order to give everyone time to settle into the new chronicle the next official national charity event will be July 1 – Aug 31, 2013.
We will be doing a 2 month food drive and National has agreed to supply a prize to the domain that gathers the most donations!
Donations will need to be by weighed & that information will need to be sent to me on an on-going basis (by whoever is running the activity) so I can keep everyone updated with the current numbers. Cash (or gift card) donations will count toward the competition as $5 = 1 lb. At the end of the food drive the domain that brought in the most weight with their donations will win up to $100 towards pizza for that domain to enjoy at their next meeting/game/social night! (one time payout)
Remember, the food does not all have to be donated by the members of your domain!! A lot can be gathered by placing a box (with permission) in various businesses with a sign saying where the food will be going!!
In regards to questions about other household goods, if a domain wants to run this as a local event at the same time, that would be great, but these items will not be counted towards the weight total for the competition or for national prestige. A box or two of books would just offset the results too much.

Together we can do amazing things!
CJ Birch
ANC Charities: Canada
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