Early Renewal and You!

To qualify for Early Renewal you must have paid your fee for this year on or before April 15th
– Early Renewal prestige will be given out by the NFC’s report as soon as the money gets transferred to the National account and your DC provides me with a list of everyone who renewed (and which ones were early)
Renewals must be done on or before May 1st to renew for the next year (anyone who doesn’t renew before May 1st doesn’t count as a member and isn’t entitled to participate in the club until they’ve renewed)
– The DCs must send their membership list to me and deposit all membership renewals for their domain on or before May 15th.
– If the DC hasn’t made the deposit before May 15th, other actions may be taken until such time as the deposit is made including temporary desanctioning of the domain. (that would mean you can’t hold games and your characters could not earn XP until such time as the fees are paid for your domain to National).

**me= the NFC

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