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And now for something completely different…

As of late some of us have been talking about trying something new and different for LARP.  I’m not talking about us leaving the C@M as I still very much enjoy it.  But I enjoy playing with you lot more than … Continue reading

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Impossible Realities CaMteen, The Long Weekend, and You!

Hey folks, In case you missed it, the schedule has been posted to the list! Check it out and sign up! We need peeps to serve up the foodstuffs!! Also, the proceeds will be split between the domain, the CHC (since … Continue reading

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Food Drive

It just occured me that next Saturday is the LAST DAY of the Food Drive!!!! Since we’re having a BBQ with everyone, and odds are you’re going to be at the grocery store buying food for that, BRING FOOD FOR … Continue reading

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Impossible Realities

Hey folks! Just a heads up in case you missed it! We have our schedule for Impossible Realties (though I would encourage everyone to check out their full schedule!) On Friday evening (September 13th) we are running Masquerade, on Saturday afternoon … Continue reading

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