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Food Drive

It just occured me that next Saturday is the LAST DAY of the Food Drive!!!! Since we’re having a BBQ with everyone, and odds are you’re going to be at the grocery store buying food for that, BRING FOOD FOR … Continue reading

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Impossible Realities

Hey folks! Just a heads up in case you missed it! We have our schedule for Impossible Realties (though I would encourage everyone to check out their full schedule!) On Friday evening (September 13th) we are running Masquerade, on Saturday afternoon … Continue reading

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How time flies…

So, if anyone is wondering what I’ve been doing with my time, I changed up some of the Links to your left- I added the tumblr links for Masquerade and Apocalypse, removed the old chronicle addendum and added the 2011 … Continue reading

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National Food Drive wtih Prizes!!

Hey everyone, In order to give everyone time to settle into the new chronicle the next official national charity event will be July 1 – Aug 31, 2013. We will be doing a 2 month food drive and National has … Continue reading

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Early Renewal and You!

To qualify for Early Renewal you must have paid your fee for this year on or before April 15th – Early Renewal prestige will be given out by the NFC’s report as soon as the money gets transferred to the … Continue reading

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Masquerade Historical Events

Just a reminder that any PC involvement is due by April 8th! This is your chance to affect history! How often that chance come along?? About once a chronicle sound about right?? 😉 Email John asap!!!!

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MtO: The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be

Just wanted to send a huge shout out to all our canteen volunteers!!! Thank you all sooo much!!!! I know it’s not easy giving up valuable gaming time to serve hot dogs, but it is greatly appreciated! Not our most profitable … Continue reading

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AGM Proxy Voting 2013

Deadline to get your proxy information in is Wednesday, March 13th!   E-mail & CC your proxy person   Subject (something like this): “Proxy vote for AGM 2013”   Body: My name: <your first & last name> My membership … Continue reading

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Feb 8 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes for those who missed it (but THANKS to those who were able to make it). If I’ve forgotten something that was mentioned, please (someone who was at the meeting) reply to add it in? Notes from the Meeting … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Creation

There was a great turnout last Saturday for the creating of Werewolf characters! And all without dots on a sheet… I’m so proud. Anyway, hope everyone had a blast! Looking forward to the venue and the zaniness (I’ve been re-watching … Continue reading

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