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Character Pictures

Would you be interested in having a really well done, professional shot of your character? Guess what! We are in the process of setting up just such a thing! Details will follow, but it will likely be late June/Early July! … Continue reading

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Spring has arrived!!

Finally, right? How long was that winter? Wow… So, with spring here discussion has begun over Werewolf campouts and other fun things! I believe Aug 1-2 have been set for the campout, but I could be wrong. Contact Chris F … Continue reading

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Impossible Realities is upon us!

March to Oblivion is THIS SATURDAY! March 7th from 9AMto 10:30 PM! It is being held at the Kent Theatre on Coburg St, uptown Saint John and is only $10 for the entire day! Masquerade starts at 6:30PM and there … Continue reading

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AGM Motions for 2015

Please keep in mind this is not the official list published by National. This was put together by one member in an effort to get everything together in one place and I thought it prudent to get it out to … Continue reading

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I have added, under the Game Resources, links for the BNS documents as well as links for all the character clan groups I have links for! If I am missing any (and I know the Nos one is missing) please … Continue reading

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Spring Brunch Update

Just a reminder that Spring Brunch Potluck will be at the Henderson’s at 12:30 on April 12th! Bring yourselves and food! Hope to see you all here!

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Wow… how slack am I? Impossible Realities was a rousing success! Had my first game back to Vampire after six months and had a good time! (Thanks everyone!) Schedule has been updated with the static schedule. Let the DC know … Continue reading

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Christmas, the New Year… and yeah

So, we have a new schedule… are anxiously awaiting the announcement of a new Garou ST (thanking Jared profusely for his infectious love of the game and sad as he hangs his ST hat up for now) and coming to … Continue reading

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And now for something completely different…

As of late some of us have been talking about trying something new and different for LARP.  I’m not talking about us leaving the C@M as I still very much enjoy it.  But I enjoy playing with you lot more than … Continue reading

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Impossible Realities CaMteen, The Long Weekend, and You!

Hey folks, In case you missed it, the schedule has been posted to the list! Check it out and sign up! We need peeps to serve up the foodstuffs!! Also, the proceeds will be split between the domain, the CHC (since … Continue reading

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